Office white collar essential health care guide


Office white collar essential health care guide

First, pay attention to the indoor air ventilation in the indoor ventilation office is poor, especially pay attention to window ventilation, come to work in the morning to remember to first open the window, clean, keep the room clean, fresh air.

When using the air conditioner, pay attention to ventilation for a few hours.

In addition, do not smoke in the office. If visitors come to smoke, they should open the doors and windows in time to evacuate the smoke.

Second, often stand up and sit for a long time, it is easy to make people feel back pain, dizziness, and mental paralysis.

So don’t stay in one position, remember to change your body, adjust your sitting position, stretch your shoulders, move your fingers, stand up for activities, or walk outside the office.

There is a cushion on the seat and a mouse wrist pad on the table, which is good for your body.

Third, pay attention to reduce the radiation inside the office, wireless routers, printers, copiers, fax machines can produce a variety of radiation.

Try to be farther away from these devices, don’t rely too close.

Indoors can cultivate some radiation-proof green plants, some prickly pears, aloe vera, bamboo, green radish and so on.

In addition, you should pay attention to drinking more water, wash your face in time after work, and clean your skin.

Fourth, pay attention to protect eyesight. Do not stare at the computer or various files because of the rotation of the work. Remember to shift the line of sight and look at the distance from the window to relieve eye fatigue and prevent vision loss.

I can also blink my eyes and do eye exercises when I feel tired and tired.

V. Pay attention to communication. Some office white-collar workers are sitting in the office. They may not have the opportunity to communicate with others throughout the day. This will affect their personality for a long time. Seriously, they may be autistic and split.

Therefore, after work, you should often gather with friends, chat, exchange ideas, and relax.

Sixth, pay attention to conditioning diet, usually pay attention to conditioning diet, eat more vegetables, fruits, drink more health drinks, can help restore the damage caused by office work.

For example, green tea is good for absorbing radiation such as computers. Mung bean soup can clear away heat and diuretic, sour plum soup can be appetizing to fire, and glutinous rice porridge is good for relieving irritability.

Seventh, the health training office personnel are in a specific environment, the amount of activity is small, the health of the body will be affected, and some people may get too much obesity, so it is necessary to exercise regularly.

Female friends can choose health care, yoga and other health training programs, male friends can carry out some more intense fitness exercises.