Seven mentalities in the workplace can be annoying

Seven mentalities in the workplace can be annoying

The more common ones are the following, which should be avoided: 1.

Inferiority: Some people are prone to inferiority, and even look down on themselves, lack self-confidence, do not have the courage to do things, be fearful, and echo, without having their own opinions.

If this psychology is not overcome, it will wear away the unique personality of the person.


Cowardly Psychology: It is mainly found in people who are not deeply involved in the world, have relatively little experience, are introverted, and are not good at speaking. Due to cowardice, they even think that they are right in social affairs, but after careful consideration, they are afraid to express it.

This kind of mentality can also be observed by others, and as a result, they have an opinion on themselves and do not want to be good friends.


Suspicion: Some people are social or entrusting their friends to do business. They often like to look at each other with distrustful eyes. They have no reason to doubt, catch the wind, and make a fuss.What happened, the result affected the relationship between friends.


Rebellious psychology: Some people always like to raise the bar with others to show that they are different. For any matter, right or wrong, I think it is bad; if you are right, I say it is wrong, so that others will have trouble with themselves.Disgusting.


Psychology of play: Some people treat friends as if they are playing in the field. When they are in the Qin Dynasty and Chu Chu, they change their minds and cope with each other. They love bragging and love to talk beautifully. If they have met someone, they will say how deep they have been with someone.

This kind of person-to-person interaction is just a superficial article, so there are no deep-seated friends.


Money greed: Some people think that the purpose of making friends is to “use each other”, only to see friends who are useful to them and can bring benefits to themselves, and often “break bridges across the river.”

This kind of bad psychology for gaining money and gaining the light of others is enough to damage one’s personality.


Indifferent psychology: Some people treat indifferent things as long as they have nothing to do with them, or ignore them, or mistakenly think that their words are sharp and arrogant, which is “personality”, which makes others dare not approach themselves, thus losing some friends.