Do you have an affair

Do you have an affair

You had an accident at sea, and you were rushed to a deserted island by the waves. When you came here, you saw someone nearby. Who do you want?


Viable dumb B.

Good lazy, but someone who tells jokes to you C.

Chatter, but someone who will serve you ● Choose A.

A capable dumb, you have a very traditional concept, and you are conservative in your behavior. You will observe the norms of social ethics. The boundaries between men and women are clearly defined. Incest or affair will never happen to you.At the same time, your requirements for the other half are also very strict. They are just like devout believers. They must be disciplined in any case, and no mistakes are allowed.

  ● Select B.

It ‘s delicious and lazy, but the person who tells you a joke. When you have an affair, you are expecting and afraid of being hurt. You will not take the initiative to provoke others or intentionally create such things.When you have some ambiguous relationships, you often cannot help but fall into the abyss of affair, but after the incident, you will blame yourself for not persisting.

  ● C.

Endlessly, but will serve your people, you are unwilling to give promises, can not give the other party a sense of security, the odds of having an affair are very high, are dangerous elements, and with you you must bear your personality and be honestHalf, it can be said that your inertia, no matter how sincere it is, is only temporary. You can’t control your lust, you can’t help but make trouble everywhere.