Hypertensive patients may wish to try acupuncture therapy

Hypertensive patients may wish to try acupuncture therapy

Acupuncture has always been known as the Chinese quintessence. Many people who are eager to “slim down”
and “slimming” have inquired: In fact, how does traditional Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion lose weight?

What is the acupuncture weight loss?

What is the effect?

  Acupuncture and Moxibustion in line with the principles of modern nutrition in the Chinese acupuncture and weight-loss industry, Tianjin Aimin Weight Loss Hospital, two years ago, went to Singapore to set up a love acupuncture weight loss center in the eastern and central business districts.

  Since its opening, the center has treated nearly 2,000 cases, and the majority of home-based treatments are young and middle-aged, with women accounting for about 85%.

  Huang Hailian, an acupuncturist at the center, said that as early as the early 1990s, acupuncture was widely used in China to treat obesity, especially in the prevalence.

She said that acupuncture and weight loss is a comprehensive treatment method. It is not only the traditional acupuncture therapy of traditional Chinese medicine, but also the principle of modern nutrition. They start from these two aspects and treat at the same time.

  Dr. Huang said that most people care about their size and weight from an aesthetic point of view. They don’t know too much and affect the appearance. It is also a cause of a series of human diseases.

The medical profession treats obesity from the perspective of health care, because too much threat to people’s health can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and other diseases.

  Adjusting metabolism and endocrine function The so-called acupuncture weight loss is through acupuncture and acupuncture points, dredging meridians to achieve therapeutic effects.

Dr. Huang Hailian said: “Acupuncture weight loss operation instead of taking drugs, the most reassuring is that there are no side effects.

She also pointed out that acupuncture can achieve health benefits while losing weight. For example, acupuncture treatment has a certain effect on lowering blood pressure. Some obese people with high blood pressure may improve their condition and lower blood pressure.

  Dr. Huang said that the reason why acupuncture can play a role in too much conditioning is to adjust the metabolic and endocrine functions of the human body.

Modern medicine believes that obesity is often caused by endocrine disorders, or caused by abnormal endocrine. Acupuncture and moxibustion use the principle of TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment, from adjusting endocrine.

Through the comprehensive treatment of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, the neurological and endocrine functions of the excessive person are adjusted; and the appetite of the dieter is reduced to avoid excessive eating.

  Acupuncture therapy can also accelerate the metabolism of energy, increase the consumption of body energy, promote the slight transformation of the body, and at the same time decompose the abnormal body, and finally make the weight continue to decline.

  Dr. Huang said that acupuncture weight loss is particularly effective for local weight loss. Because the abdomen is often the most heavily deposited part, most weight loss is often particularly effective.

  Don’t take acupuncture and moxibustion. Xu Zhenyi, acupuncture specialist in Yuzhong Hospital, said that acupuncture and moxibustion have its curative effect. However, don’t magically acupuncture and lose weight, and don’t imagine that a few needles can be seen immediately, and you will have a stature in the short term.

  Dr. Xu experts, acupuncture weight loss must be accompanied by diet control and moderate exercise, simply relying on acupuncture treatment can not achieve the desired effect.

He said that obesity is generally divided into pathological obesity and physiological obesity. Patients with pathological obesity can be treated with acupuncture to improve obesity, and then with diet control and moderate exercise to achieve weight loss.

Dr. Xu said that acupuncture has several main effects in the treatment of obesity:

For the extra person who is too heavy in water and moisture in the body, acupuncture can diuresis and sweat, thereby achieving the effect of eliminating water and moisture.


Some obese people are due to excessive gastric acid secretion, so more and more sensitive intensity, there is always the urge to eat, these obese people are also known as “stomach fire”, the function of acupuncture is to reduce too muchThe stomach fire reduces or inhibits the appetite of obese people, thereby reducing food intake, avoiding excessive eating, and inhibiting their gastrointestinal digestion and absorption functions.


The cause of obesity in other obese people is due to inertia constipation, which can achieve the effect of laxation, thereby reducing the storage of energy in the body.


Menopausal women are prone to fattening due to low activity and endocrine disorders. At this time, if the diet is not strictly controlled, it is easy to accumulate aunts.


At the same time, some obese people have excessive gastrointestinal digestion and absorption function, and acupuncture treatment can promote metabolism, thereby achieving weight loss, because the reduction of metabolic function is also a potential factor for fattening.

  Dr. Xu Zhenyi said that the appetite of many obese people is too good. This is actually a pathological condition. Some patients with too much stomach fire must be treated.

Another example is the endocrine disorder in some people, which can also cause obesity.

Acupuncture weight loss can be based on what happens to the patient’s physique, and then symptomatic acupuncture to achieve balance.

  The acupuncture treatment of the case treatment and the control of the Acupuncture and Moxibustion Center at the same time was called “Shi’s Slimming Therapy”, which was created by Shi Lidong, Dean of Tianjin Aimin Hospital.

The center’s treatment package is 30 times for a period of 3 months and costs about 1700 yuan.

Dr. Huang Hailian said that each treatment can be reduced by zero.

5 to 1 kg, so the entire treatment can be reduced by 10 to 15 kg.

When the patient is treated at home, the physician first takes the pulse, measures the blood pressure, and then treats according to the patient’s symptoms.  After a year, nearly 23 kilograms of 48-year-old housewife Hu Yuxia has been treated for more than a year.

8 kg, from 79 before treatment.

2 kg to the current 56.

4 kg.

  In addition, one weighs 131.

The 7-kilogram 25-year-old young man, weighing 40 kg after 40 treatments, currently has a body weight of 94.

7 kg.

  In addition to being overweight, Hu Yuxia also added acid reflux. Therefore, acupuncture treatment is not only for weight loss, but also has a therapeutic effect. Acupuncture treats her condition and adjusts her rehabilitation function.

  Hu Yuxia also admitted that in addition to receiving acupuncture treatment, she also strictly abides by the rules of the attending physician in eating and drinking. The three meals should be as light as possible, eat small amounts of meat and vegetables, and do not eat fried food.

For example, she said that during the treatment period, she only ate two eggs in the morning, about 200 grams of meat for lunch, and ate vegetables for dinner, so she controlled a diet and received acupuncture treatment.

  Dr. Huang Hailian said that in order to successfully achieve weight loss, more than one must absolutely cooperate with acupuncture on the diet; diet must adhere to low blood sugar, low blood sugar, low blood sugar, high protein diet, and adequate in supplements, balanced vitamins andMinerals; at the same time, should be away from sweets, fried foods, starchy foods, soups, soft drinks, alcohol.

In the case of frying, it should be steamed, stewed, mixed, grilled, etc., avoid using fried, fried and other methods.

  Dr. Xu Zhenyi also predicted that weight loss is ultimately related to the problem of energy in and out (the principle of energy is not extinguished), so improving physical fitness, suppressing appetite, and controlling the absorption of food are the ultimate goals.

In fact, acupuncture treatment of obesity must integrate treatment, exercise, and diet in one, in order to be effective.

  Dr. Xu said that if you are treating, while overeating, or just not eating, then acupuncture will lose weight.