At the age of 28, young people with advanced gastric cancer now admire punk health?

At the age of 28, young people with advanced gastric cancer now admire “punk health”?

The 51-year-old princess finally couldn’t help himself. “He just ate all day and sent his life!”

After shouting, there was no strength to say the second sentence, tears sprang in the eyes of this tough guy.

Because his 28-year-old son entered the countdown to life, and he was half-baked, he had to face the “white-haired man to marry.”

Xiao Wang is only 28 years old this year. If it is not the attack of stomach cancer, he has a good future waiting for him.

Lao Wang said that Xiao Wang University graduated less than five years ago.

After graduating, he worked in a large enterprise in a city in Jiangsu. Xiao Wang loves to learn to make friends, and his relationship is very good. His colleagues like him.

Therefore, it has developed very well in the unit and has become the head of a department.

Young people don’t know how to cherish their bodies. In the daytime, in order to catch up with work, they all eat takeaways or fast food, and never eat regularly.

In the evening, not with colleagues and partners to go out night, 360 days, at least 200 days in the night.

My mother and I are worried every day, but he doesn’t listen. Six months ago, Xiao Wang had indigestion, stomach discomfort, stomach pain and bloating, which is a problem that young people often encounter.

I began to think that “small age, there will be no big problem”, just take some medicine, the result is not good for a long time, go to the local hospital to check, diagnosed as gastric cancer, is already in the advanced stage.

Young gastric cancer patients are no longer “rare” undeniable, and gastric cancer is showing a trend of rejuvenation.

What is even more distressing is that these young children, once diagnosed with gastric cancer, develop particularly fast, gradually faster than imagined, and the proportion of young patients and girls is getting higher and higher.

Why are young people wrapped up in stomach cancer?

The young life has come to an abrupt end, and there is always a pain that cannot be said.

Why does stomach cancer like a younger one?

For so many years, they have been studying and found that these young patients have some common habits, hoping to alert young people.

In the past five years, the incidence of gastric cancer in young people aged 19-35 has doubled since 30 years ago.

In addition to gender, genetics, soot environment and other related factors, there are four common habits. 1 Unhealthy diet The unhealthy nature mentioned here includes irregular diet, which is what everyone often says.

Or eat spicy food every day, pickled fish, foreign fast food, or nightingale, barbecue + hot pot.

There are also young women who have long-term dieting, which makes the stomach acid concentration too large and causes long-term loss to the stomach.

2, the pressure of young people work and life rhythm is generally faster, facing great work pressure, the spirit is always in a state of tension, dizziness, stomach problems, nervous stomach pain, long-term mental stress really hurt the stomach.

3, often stay up late to sleep, easy to induce gastritis, gastric mucosal erosion lesions, etc., increase the risk of cancer, and young people usually do not agree, the examination is often ignored.

It is important to note that young people with stomach cancer are often missed or misdiagnosed.

According to some data, the rate of misdiagnosis of gastric cancer in young people is as high as 27%.

4, abdominal pain does not correct more than 70% of patients with early gastric cancer without any correction, plus younger physical and tolerant, the symptoms are even less obvious, so the incidence of gastric cancer is hidden, no specific symptoms, the general symptoms are mostly upper abdomenPainful discomfort, indigestion, etc., are often considered to be gastritis, ulcers, indigestion and other diseases.

In addition, if there is fecal occult blood, it also needs to be alert.

Reminder: If eating supper is just a habit, it should be resolutely cancelled.

If you are hungry due to overtime and other reasons, you can drink a cup of skim milk or soy milk, light porridge, one or two whole wheat bread, the right amount of fruit.

In addition, do not sleep after eating, at least 1 hour before going to bed to allow food to fully digest.

Diet must be regular, especially do not eat at 11 or 12 o’clock in the evening or 2 hours before going to bed; try to eat spicy food and barbecue.

People who often eat at night, if they have bloating, bad appetite, abdominal pain, indigestion and other symptoms, should be vigilant, do not ignore, should go to the hospital as soon as possible, because these symptoms may be esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer,One of the early manifestations of gastrointestinal cancers such as colorectal cancer.

鈥淲hich night, the most mask applied?鈥?

Recently popular “punk health” do not learn!

Beer with glutinous rice, cola with Codonopsis, and overtime work to eat a hot pot crayfish. lose weight?

If it doesn’t exist, it’s OK to go home to eat Jianweixiaoshi.

This is the popular 鈥減unk health regime鈥?for young people.

Luo Dajie, who lives in Chongqing, found a new word on her daughter Cui Wei’s WeChat these days. “The latest night, the most mask.””Cui Wei’s sentence is written in his friend circle profile, and Luo Dajie thinks that this is written for himself.”

Looking at this sentence, Luo Dajie got angry in her heart.

The “mask” and “day and night” are the theme of the recent “fighting” of the mother and daughter.

Don’t sleep at night, save your face during the day?

Cui Wei is 22 years old and has half a year to graduate from university. Because she has to go to a Chengdu company for an internship in the last half of the year, she has not gone anywhere during this summer vacation.

Sister Luo found that her daughter would sleep very late every night. “I often go to the bathroom at one or two in the evening, and the notebooks in her house are all open.
鈥?”Cui Wei’s most common thing is to play games,” of course, headphones, I don’t know when I open the door.

“Luo Dajie is worried about Cui Wei’s body. She has set an alarm clock for one hour and one hour. I want to see how long my daughter will sleep.” The result is one week later, after 3 o’clock.

“Thinking that I couldn’t wait for the night and night, Luo Dajie and her husband repeatedly persuaded that Cui Wei always said good things, but at night he still stayed up late, and his face began to panic, and the acne on his forehead could be issued three times.Four.

Although Cui Wei sleeps late, it won’t be late. Every time at 9 o’clock in the morning, she will get up and start her own “corrective measures.”

Every day, as long as he does not go out, Cui Wei will be able to apply 5 times to the mask.

After getting up in the morning and washing your face, the mask is applied to the bladder and applied for 20 minutes.

When the lunch is finished, Cui Wei will start applying the mask for the second time. It is also about 20 minutes. Whether it is playing computer or taking the express downstairs, the mask will not tear off.

The third mask is around 4 pm, the fourth is after dinner, and the last time is usually after the shower in the evening.

This summer, Cui Wei’s mask wrapped half of the refrigerator’s freezer and added new ones every few days.

“One piece is cheaper and a few dollars. One day is dozens.

Moreover, this is clearly a good rest to make up!

“Luo Dajie thinks that she is distressed.”

Every time the mother and daughter quarreled with the mask and sleep late, Cui Wei took the star to imitate the child. “She also slept very late, always apply the mask, you see her skin is good!

“When you squander yourself and recover, are you sick?”

“Luo Dajie was in a bad mood, but Cui Wei said to her mother more than once, “You don’t understand, this is called ‘punk health’!

“Large big sister doesn’t even understand,” first destroy and then recover, where is health!

The 27-year-old girl’s 鈥淧unk Health Snacks Dafa鈥?talks about 鈥減unk health,鈥?and 27-year-old Qian Min feels that this is more like a 鈥渟elf-deprecation鈥?of young people.

“We can’t do self-disciplined life, we can only work hard to rebuild!

“Min Min’s favorite thing from childhood is food, height 160 cm and weight 140 kg, last year’s office physical examination, which has some high blood lipids.

I couldn’t help but manage my own money. I had to find a way to 鈥減unk food and health鈥?

The compulsory course for small money every day is to find the so-called “healthy snacks.”

The potato chips that I used to eat, all the small money was replaced by “mountain re-“, although they are fried foods, “but yam is a good thing for health!”

“In order to reduce my blood lipids and eat the favorite fried skewers, she stipulates that she should eat more fried vegetables every time she eats fried skewers,” said broccoli, an anti-cancer vegetable.

“Although the old thunder does not move two cups of milk tea every day, no matter how hot the weather is, the small money will take a lunch break. It is 15 minutes walk from the unit to a tea shop to buy “red jujube peach milk tea”. “Peach gum is beauty, red dates areBlood, and I walked back and forth for half an hour, the transition has also been reduced!

How does the contemporary youth “health punk” go wrong?

Internet access to the word “punk health”, written online, “refers to one side of the contemporary youth” to die and save the way of self-help.

“This makes it difficult for Luo Dajie to accept. She feels that this is an irresponsible performance.

But Cui Wei thinks that this is just an attitude of young people. “I want to live the life I have thought of, but I can also be responsible for myself.

“Netizens have carefully summarized the six classic healthy health cases: 1, at least three feet per week.

2, before 12 o’clock in the evening!


go to bed!

3, the change of online shopping search records: from small snacks to glutinous rice, millet and red dates . 4, thermos cup?

That must be carried with you!5, buy shampoo: from ordinary shampoo to defense?
Take off?
6, the pillow must be latex, the bedding must be cleaned once a week.

However, the health of young people has also appeared in some “off-the-counter”, some “killing” and self-help “contemporary youth health punk guide.”

“Every day and night until three or four, using the most expensive mask and eye cream.

“By the barbecue in the middle of the night, afraid to get angry with the herbal tea.”

“On the side of binge eating, while eating Jianweixiaoshi tablets.

“” Chinese medicine that eats the fire after eating the hot pot.

“. summed up, while arrogating to challenge the limits of the body, while madly replacing afterwards.

People think that this “unique” way of health care is different.

Too many people and Luo Sister have the same idea. A netizen said, “When you are healthy, you can “make death”.

Some people think that this is a way of life for young people.

Mr. Ke, 35 years old, recalled that he really began to pay attention to health in the past two years, because he found that his body could not stand the night and could not withstand the toss of youth.

鏌厛鐢熻涓猴紝鈥滄垜浠笂涓€杈堜汉锛屽緢澶氫汉骞磋交鐨勬椂鍊欙紝閮芥槸鐬庢姌鑵捐韩浣擄紝鐒跺悗鍒拌€佹潵娉ㄦ剰鍏荤敓锛屽彧鏄幇鍦ㄦ湁浜嗕釜鍚嶈瘝鍙仛鈥樻湅鍏嬪吇鐢熲€欙紝澶у灏遍兘瑙夊緱鈥樻湅鍏嬪吇鐢熲€橧t is a young man.

“Self-deception may be counterproductive to the so-called “punk health”, and some living habits, and consulted the views of many experts.

“This kind of health care is not good for health, and it may be counterproductive.

This statement has also been recognized by many experts.

Frequent staying up late will lead to internal secretion disorders, which often cause the skin to be dehydrated. At the same time, due to the inability to ensure the timely supply of nutrients, rough, dry, acne, fine lines and other conditions will often appear.

However, the lowest mask on the market, the biggest effect is to hydrate, even if more masks are applied, it only supplements the skin’s moisture, and has little effect on spots, dark circles and other problems.

At the same time, like Cui Wei, a permanent application of a large amount of mask may even cause damage to the skin, which will make the skin airtight, destroying the keratinous link of the skin and causing the appearance of sensitive muscles.

Brought up by the night, but also double skin problems.

Hu Jun, an expert in the southwest hospital, reminds that long-term staying up late will lead to memory loss, distraction and other phenomena. Serious effects may also affect the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, digestive system and other functions, leading to organic lesions or premature aging.

“In the blood of long-term stayers, their plasma total lipids, 尾-lipoprotein and plasma are increased, which is the main factor of arteriosclerosis.

“The so-called “punk health” on the diet is equally undesirable.