What should I do if my underwear is not clean?


What should I do if my underwear is not clean?

When a woman enters puberty, her lower body will always be wet. The underwear will not be clean from now on. It is not a transparent colorless secretion. It is a cheese-like milky white secretion, sometimes it is slightly yellow, bloody, brown, although it usually has no smell.But after a day or two without washing the vulva, the smell is unpleasant.

銆€銆€This is the effect of a large amount of estrogen secreted after ovarian development, medically known as vaginal discharge.

銆€銆€Leucorrhea: The secretion of the vaginal epithelium is the main substance that keeps the vagina moist; the secretions of the cervical glands and endometrium are reduced, and its properties change with different stages of the menstrual cycle; replacement cells and white blood cells of the vaginal epithelium; secretions from the sebaceous glands of the labia minora; secretions of the vestibular glands.

銆€銆€Secretion of vaginal discharge: In general, vaginal discharge is odorless and not much. It varies due to human beings at different stages of the menstrual cycle.

For example, the secretion of endocervical gland cells in the ovulation period is strong, so the leucorrhea increases, which is like a thin and transparent egg white. When two fingers are used to pull the cervical mucus, it can be stretched to several centimeters continuously, and the elasticity is quite good. If it is the second half of the menstrual periodThis phenomenon is not observed.

2-3 days before and after menstruation, due to pelvic congestion, excessive vaginal secretions, vaginal discharge, and sometimes a little bloody, yellow body function will be slightly brown.

銆€銆€When women have sex after marriage (including premarital sexual fantasies, sexual masturbation, sexual impulses), pelvic congestion will occur due to sexual excitement, and then vaginal secretion will increase, vaginal discharge will increase significantly, the longer the stimulation time, the stronger the stimulation, the replicaThe more.

These are normal physiological phenomena and physiological reactions.

銆€銆€However, some women pay attention to cleanliness, but the amount of vaginal discharge is very large; the smell is very big and makes people cover their noses; or the color and nature of the leucorrhea change significantly, which indicates abnormal conditions.

In the case of married women, the first consideration is the issue related to sexual activity.

銆€銆€Abnormalities of leucorrhea: usually manifestations of genital tract inflammation, the chances of married women being infected are generally increased, and they have a considerable relationship with their sexual life.

The man did not wash his hands when he caressed manually, and the nails were too long to hide dirt; the two sides or one side did not pay attention to cleaning the lower body in the same room, especially the male health habits were poor; the man suffered from phimosis or prepuce too long, lazy in the same room and urinating and cleaningIt is an important cause of abnormal leucorrhea in women.

銆€銆€Through the color, odor, and nature of the leucorrhea, the type of the disease can be preliminarily judged: when the septic bacterial infection occurs, the leucorrhea is purulent, yellow or yellowish green, sticky and pus-like, smelly, such as senile vaginitis, endometritis, uterine empyema, currently quite common gonococcal vaginitis, non-gonococcal vaginitis (chlamydia infection).

銆€銆€In the case of fungal infection, the vaginal discharge is in the form of bean curd, accompanied by obvious genital itching, such as Candida infection.

銆€銆€When the trichomoniasis is infected, the leucorrhea is milky white foam and the vagina is itchy.

銆€銆€However, the abnormal performance of leucorrhea is not as typical as the above, not to mention the mixed infection often occurs, so it is impossible to make a clear diagnosis based on simple appearance. It is best to go to the gynecology for routine examination, repel the diagnosis and timely treatment.

In particular, when both parties or one party has a history of unclean sexual intercourse, they should actively seek medical treatment. It is best to go to the dermatology department to avoid misdiagnosis or missed diagnosis.

At present, the medical community has corresponding effective drugs for bacterial (including gonococcal), fungal, and trichomonal vaginal infections. Therefore, after identifying the cause, a highly targeted and effective treatment can be obtained.

Patients with leucorrhea and blood, especially those who are older or have menopause, should be more vigilant and seek medical attention as soon as possible so as not to delay the diagnosis and treatment of the tumor.

In addition, it is also important to point out that couples who are allowed to gonorrhea or trichomoniasis must be treated by both parties. Otherwise, the woman is still a carrier or a pathogen, and the woman can be re-infected through sexual life after being cured.

銆€銆€The principle of prevention over treatment is still effective here to protect women’s physical health. Both men and women should pay attention to sexual health, especially if the husband is not too troublesome, and must develop good health habits.

Two of the most important things that must be done are: 1.

Phimosis patients undergo circumcision as soon as possible, although the foreskin is too long, although it is not necessary to do this surgery, but at least in front of the same room should be turned over the foreskin to clean.


The man cleans the lower body every day, and should pay attention to cleaning the parts that may have sexual contact before the same room.

銆€銆€In addition to cleaning before the same room, the woman should also urinate and clean the lower body after the same room.

Also pay attention to the towel and basin to be separated from the foot towel and the foot basin.

Try to reduce the type of toilets. If you have to use the seat type, you should also use toilet paper. The toilet paper should be wiped from front to back. The menstrual period should be washed frequently, and the sanitary napkin should not be rubbed. It can prevent the abnormal occurrence of leucorrhea.