In summer, solving indoor pollution is the key


In summer, solving indoor pollution is the key

Experts explained that this is because whether it is decoration materials or furniture or even the human body itself will release some toxic and harmful gases, polluting the indoor environment.

In the summer, due to the heat and humidity, the release of toxic and harmful gases in the room is increased. In addition, the rooms that use air conditioners often close the doors and windows, the ventilation is poor, and the indoor pollution is more dense.

銆€銆€It is uncomfortable to say that the increase in indoor summer pollution is generally uncomfortable. In those rooms where the pollution level exceeded the standard, the degree of air pollution is even more unbearable.

For example, a luxury apartment in Beijing has a temperature of more than 40 tons in the summer, and people in the house do not dare to turn on the air conditioner. Because of the closed doors and windows, the smell in the room makes people feel dizzy and disgusting.

Residents had to open their doors and windows, letting the heat waves and dust raging in the house.

According to indoor environmental experts, the harmful gas content in the indoor air of the apartment actually exceeds 20 times the national standard!

銆€銆€Japanese indoor environmental experts have shown that when the indoor temperature is 30 掳C, the amount of toxic and harmful gases released indoors is the highest.

The indoor air pollution test conducted by the China Indoor Environmental Monitoring Center also shows that the indoor air pollution index in summer will be about 20% higher than other seasons.

銆€銆€The main “poisonous flow” from the contamination of interior materials of decorative materials is the main aspect of indoor air pollution currently caused, as well as in summer.

Paints for interior decoration, plywood, particleboard, interior wall coatings and other materials contain formaldehyde, benzene and other toxic substances.

Although the state has ordered the use of these toxic substances in the decorative materials, according to a person in the interior decoration, almost all the wood-based panels on the market, such as large core boards, wood boards, and willows, are various.MDFs contain formaldehyde, even for laminate flooring.

銆€銆€Some toxic and harmful gases increase in release rate at high temperatures and humidity.

According to tests, the release of formaldehyde and other substances in high temperature weather in summer is 20% to 30% higher than usual.

Once these materials enter the living room, it may cause more than 30 diseases including respiratory tract, digestive tract, neurology, vision, vision, and hypertension.

In addition, the harmful substances produced by the furniture will also pollute the indoor air. One is the free formaldehyde of the man-made fiberboard adhesive, and the other is the benzene pollution caused by the furniture paint and the adhesive.

銆€銆€Therefore, the Qi Lihui Director of the Environmental Health Department of the Shandong Provincial Health and Epidemic Prevention Station warned people that in the design of interior decoration and decoration, it should be designed according to the principle of simplicity and practicality. It is best to use less plate decoration when performing indoor decoration.

Even if you need to use the board, you should choose a green board that meets the national standards.

Look at whether a plate is a green plate. Don’t trust the packaging easily. The easiest way is to smell it carefully with your nose. Is there any irritating smell? No odor is a safe plate.

銆€銆€Experts also warned that try not to put underwear, pajamas and children’s clothing in the wardrobe made of wood-based panels.

To properly match the decoration materials and furniture, fully consider the carrying capacity of the indoor space, many furniture and building materials do not exceed the standard when testing, but too much placement causes the indoor harmful gas concentration is too high, because the density is too high, indoorCaused by poor ventilation.

銆€銆€Poor construction allows the wall to release “toxic gas”. Indoor environmental monitoring experts say that a pollution-ammonia contamination from the walls of buildings may be more likely to occur in the northern region.

The reason is that the building unit in the wall construction in order to speed up the solidification speed of concrete and winter construction antifreeze, adding high alkali concrete expansion agent and concrete antifreeze containing urea.

After the building is absorbed and used, it will undergo changes in the environment, especially in the summer, when the high temperature rises, the toxic gas will be slowly released from the wall, causing the ammonia concentration in the indoor air to seriously exceed the standard.

銆€銆€Some people have revealed that many construction companies are now building a new building in a few days in order to keep up with the progress. Even winters that could not be constructed are no exception.

For this reason, the staff dormitory of a hospital caused the ammonia concentration in the residents’ homes to exceed the standard. Once in the summer, the eyes were stimulated to open and the scorpions were uncomfortable.

It is understood that the ammonia pollution caused by antifreeze and expansion agent will emit odor for a long time. It is still unclear how many years will be released.

From a medical point of view, long-term inhalation of ammonia can irritate the respiratory system, causing damage to the heart and lungs.

銆€銆€Beware of air conditioning “doing a lot of evil” installed air conditioning, room doors and windows will be tighter, air ventilation rate is relatively low, indoor air and air convection is relatively reduced, indoor ventilation is relatively poor, some toxic and harmful gases in the decoration materials releaseAfter the air is difficult to dissipate in time, causing harm to the human body.

銆€銆€Air conditioners and other electrical appliances are themselves sources of pollution.

Medical tests have shown that unclean air conditioners emit at least 10,000 mites.

At present, the number of patients who cause allergic dermatitis caused by infected insect bites is increased because of unclean air conditioners.

Many families do not pay much attention to cleaning the vacuum net after buying the air conditioner.

In this way, the dust suction net adsorbs a large amount of dust, which is contaminated with insects, pollen and mold.

When the air conditioners are turned on, they blow out with the wind, posing a threat to human health.

銆€銆€Appliances such as televisions, computers and air conditioners will produce positive ions, and long-term gains of negative ions can be confusing.

Recent investigations abroad have shown that devices with fluorescent screens may produce a toxic gas called dibenzofuran.

銆€銆€In the fully enclosed high-grade writing room using the central air conditioner, in addition to the closed doors and windows, the accumulation of harmful gases is difficult to remove, and there are legumes.

Legionella is mainly parasitic in the cooling towers and piping systems of central air-conditioning. The health supervisors in Beijing found in the 38 cooling towers of 14 hotels that Legionella exceeded the standard in 21 cooling towers of 12 hotels.Often in this environment, the infection of Legionella is implanted 9 .

9%, while the general population is only 3.


The main symptoms of Legionnaires’ disease are generalized weakness, muscle aches, mild headache, high fever, dry cough, and nausea and vomiting.

In severe cases, liver function changes and renal failure occur, and mental disorders and even multiple organ infections occur.

Since there is no vaccine to prevent Legionella infection, the health and epidemic prevention personnel suggest that the place where the central air conditioner is used should be tested once a year. If the bacteria exceeds the standard, it should be disinfected and cleaned in time.

When using the air conditioner, be sure to pay attention to the ventilation of the window, and it is not always possible to seal the window.

銆€銆€In addition, at least, family pets are gradually increasing. Animals such as dogs and cats not only compete for oxygen, but also are sources of harmful gases and spreaders of various pathogens.

銆€銆€In summer, the weather is hot, and the elderly and children, as well as the sick and the weak, increase the indoor stay time and reduce the outdoor activity time. Therefore, these people are the most serious victims of pollution.

銆€銆€How to carry out the most reasonable way to improve the indoor air quality is the most convenient way. The most effective way is to open the window frequently.

With the industrialization and urban population expansion, urban outdoor air pollution is also becoming more and more serious, so ventilation does not mean that the doors and windows open all day, and the ventilation time should be reasonably selected.

According to research and testing, in cities with relatively concentrated industries, there are two pollution peaks and two relatively clean valleys.

The two pollution peaks are generally around sunrise and evening, and the two relatively clean are gradually around 10 am and 3 pm, at which time windows can be opened as appropriate.

The number of rain and snow days is cleaned, and the weather may spread easily. In both weather conditions, the air quality is higher and the ventilation time can be longer.

銆€銆€The time and number of windows opening in a day can be arranged according to the size of the house, the population, living habits, indoor pollution level and weather conditions.

Taking 100 cubic meters of space as an example, in the absence of wind, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is 20 掳 C, the air exchange can be achieved in about a few minutes.

If the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is small, the exchange time should be extended accordingly.

The ventilation time can be properly controlled according to the temperature difference, generally extended by at least 30 minutes.

In addition, when cooking in the kitchen, do not hesitate to open the range hood and open the window to reduce the harm of kitchen fumes to human health.

銆€銆€When the mind and body are in the poison, I don’t know that the indoor air quality will encounter the effects and influences of the complicated changes. Some of the above reasons, such as spraying mosquito killings and killing drugs, will also cause indoor air pollution.

The human body is also sensitive to these hazards. The incubation period of air pollution is also caused by the incubation period. It is difficult to intuitively perceive the degree of pollution. People will be tolerant in an environment, so oftenThere is a situation in which you are not poisoned by poison.

銆€銆€In addition to some obvious discomfort caused by indoor pollution, such as nausea, nausea, dizziness, strong pungent odor need to alert you, experts warn that if the following performance in the room, you should also be vigilant: 1Although I don’t smoke, I rarely touch the smoking environment, but I often feel that my voice is uncomfortable, have a foreign body sensation, and have poor breathing. 2. My family often has skin allergies and other problems, and it is mass-generating; after leaving this environment, symptoms3, the newlyweds are pregnant and not pregnant, can not find the cause; pregnant women in the normal pregnancy, the distortion; 4, indoor plants are not easy to survive, the leaves are easy to yellow, withered, and even some of the most vitalPlants are also difficult to grow normally; 5, newly renovated rooms or newly bought homes have irritating odors such as glare, pungent, and still scent for more than a year.

銆€銆€Experts also warned that in order to prevent the occurrence of toxic drugs, qualified families can consider installing ventilation equipment indoors, which can effectively replace toxic gases in indoor air.

At present, the Chinese people generally have insufficient indoor pollution. They would rather create a gas chamber for their own luxury in order to pursue the superb style of the surface, and they would not spend some money to install ventilation devices.

In Europe and the United States, which emphasizes quality of life, it has been advocated to install ventilation devices in bedrooms and kitchens. In addition to preventing indoor pollution, it can also prevent indoor poisons from contaminating food and ensure the quality of sleep.