The role of cupping has so many benefits

The role of cupping has so many benefits

What is the role of cupping?

Cupping is a common treatment in traditional Chinese medicine. It can both cure and condition. Is the effect of cupping clear to everyone? Today, I will tell you what the role of cupping is. It turns out there are so many benefits.

  Cupping effect1. Negative pressure effect: When the human body sucks and pulls in a vacuum cup, a large amount of air bubbles overflow from the skin surface, thereby strengthening the gas exchange of local tissues.

Through inspection, it was also observed that negative pressure caused local changes in capillary permeability and capillary rupture, and a small amount of blood entered the interstitial space, resulting in spotted blood, red blood cells were damaged, hemoglobin was released, and hemolysis occurred at home.

  In the body’s self-regulation, it has the effects of activating qi and activating blood, relaxing muscles, relieving pain and swelling, removing wind and dehumidification, and promoting its normal function through a benign stimulus.

  2, warming effect: local skin has a warming stimulating effect, the most obvious is the large fire tank, water tank, medicine tank.

Warm stimulation can expand blood vessels, promote local main blood circulation, improve congestion status, strengthen metabolism, accelerate the discharge of wastes and toxins in the body, change the nutritional status of local tissues, and enhance the permeability of blood vessel walls.

Enhance the phagocytic activity of leukocytes and reticulocytes, enhance local tolerance and the body’s resistance, thereby warming and dispersing cold, clearing heat and detoxifying, and so on, so as to prevent the disease from improving.

  3. Regulatory effect: The regulation effect of cupping is based on the negative pressure or warming effect. The first is the regulating effect on the nervous system. Due to its hemolysis, it gives a series of benign stimuli to the body and acts on peripheral sensory receptors.Through centripetal metabolism, it reaches the cerebral cortex.

  Benefits of cupping I. Benefits of cupping at the end: 1. The spine is the main body at the back end and the main channel of the central nervous system, and many pairs of nerves are scattered on both sides of the spine, spreading to the limbs, body wall and internal organs, transmitting the brain andInformation on the suppression of excitability between tissues and organs.

  2. The spine in the center of the top is the line of the Governor’s Vein. The Governor’s Yang Jing is in charge of commanding, regulating, and communicating with other Yang Jings. It is very important.

The bladder meridians of the spine and vertebrae pass through the whole body, and the five internal organs have corresponding reaction points on their Yu points, and pathological changes in the functions of the internal organs can be reflected on the back Yu points.

  3. Modern medical research also proves that a large number of “sleeping” immune cells are hidden under the skin. These immune cells, which are extremely useful for the human body, are often in a “dormant” state when they cause stimulation.

If it is activated by a benign stimulation method and enters the blood circulation, it will become a reticular cell with the ability to swallow foreign bodies, which can actively destroy harmful bacteria and improve the human immune system.

In addition, there are important health points in front.

  4. This therapy can eliminate cold and dampness, dredge the meridians, eliminate stagnation, qi and blood circulation, swelling and pain relief, detoxification and fever, and has the function of adjusting the balance of yin and yang of the human body, relieving fatigue and enhancing physical fitness.

So as to achieve the purpose of righteousness and dispel evil, cure the disease.

Therefore, cupping can be used for many diseases to regulate yin and yang: yin and yang are the basic core of traditional Chinese medicine theory.

Under normal circumstances, the human body maintains a relatively balanced state of yin and yang.

  Second, regulating yin and yang: yin and yang are the basic core of traditional Chinese medicine theory.

Under normal circumstances, the human body maintains a relatively balanced state of yin and yang.
  3. Promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis: Once the muscles, ligaments and bones of the human body are damaged, congestion occurs locally, making the meridian qi and blood flow obstructed. If the blood stasis persists, the pain will not end.

At this time, cupping is performed in the local or corresponding acupoints, and the blood is eliminated through the slurry, the new blood is born, the meridians are unobstructed, and the qi and blood run, so that the general purpose is not painful.

This is the effect of cupping and activating blood circulation.

  Fourth, clearing heat and swelling: According to the principle of “heat is disease” in the Chinese medicine treatment method, the hot evil can be irritated through the stimulation of the hot pot to achieve the purpose of clearing heat, so that the evil of internal heat can reach the body surface, and finallyExhausted from the body to clear the stasis and heat of the body.

  V. Expelling phlegm and detoxification, softening and solidifying: The body mass and wind syndrome caused by phlegm are treated by cupping and cupping to make the theory clear, phlegm and heat sepsis leaked, and it has obvious antitussive and coughing effects.

  Sixth, reconcile viscera: cupping therapy through the meridian, local negative pressure suction effect of the acupuncture points on the body surface to produce congestion, spotted blood and other changes, the acupuncture point is connected through the meridian and the internal organs to treat various organ diseases.

  Note: Friends who like cupping, remember not to take a bath after cupping, it is easy to be infected with wind and cold.