5 small sports fast stovepipes


5 small sports fast stovepipes

Lead: This kind of beautiful legs is what MM expects. Here are 5 strokes of stovepipe exercises for everyone. As long as MMs follow suit, they can slim out the model-like slender legs.

銆€銆€Half a mile, 1 in a spacious place, with your feet apart, to be widened by pedaling, toe bones (eight feet outside the foot), and pointing beyond the toes; 2, straight forward, chest, abdomen; 3, keepThis position, step by step, and try to expand your footsteps, then turn and walk back to your starting position; 4, complete 20 steps, or until your feet are sour.

銆€銆€A half-turn action will help you exercise your thighs, buttocks and buttocks, and make your leg muscles and hip muscles firmer.

It is recommended that when you do this action, choose a relatively empty room, living room or office corridor, there is enough space to increase the distance of the forward, and improve the intensity of the exercise.

銆€銆€Hold the ball and lift the leg 1, stand straight, hold the ball in the right hand, lift the left hand straight and parallel with the shoulder; 2. Within the controllable range, the right foot is lifted off the ground and raised to the height of the body, keeping balance and abdomen.
Put your legs down, but don’t touch your feet.

This action is the next action – leg balance, but at the same time to maintain the center of gravity; 3, the right leg is repeated 10 times; 4, the left hand holds the ball, repeating the action of the right leg above.

銆€銆€5, do 10 left and right legs, practice 2 times.

銆€銆€Through this set of exercises, focus on the balance of our legs and center of gravity.

銆€銆€Balance the legs 1, stand straight, put your hands on the bench, or the back of the chair, or the edge of the table; 2. Lift your right leg to the right side of the body and straighten your feet.

Put down your right leg, but don’t touch the ground.

Then lift the right leg to the other side; 3, keep the balance, do not swing the legs up and down; 4, repeat 25 times on each side.

銆€銆€I hope to increase the clarity and challenge the MM. I suggest you make the following adjustments: A, add a 10 pound weight to the raised foot and increase the strength of the foot; B, open the bench or chair you used to maintain balance.Or you can do it without the help of a good balance.

銆€銆€If you want to eliminate the MM inside the thigh and the excess meat on the outside, you should strengthen the practice of this movement to make your thighs more slender and firmer.

Even if you wear bikini hot pants, you can go shopping with confidence and confidence, and you won’t be embarrassed by the looseness of your leg muscles.

銆€銆€Fitness ball 1, put a piece of wood on the ground, palms flat on the board, facing the floor.

Hold your body up and put your legs on the exercise ball.

Your abdomen is bent and your abdomen is not arched. 2. When the body balance is reached, lift your right leg about 50 cm high.

The right leg is naturally lowered, do not touch the ball, immediately raise the right leg again; 3, do 10-15 left and right legs.

銆€銆€The sleek fitness ball can improve the balance of the legs and train the balance of gravity.

During training, the muscles are loose, accelerating fat burning, and quicker stovepipe.

At the same time, the arm through the support of the body, so that the original relaxed worship of the meat.

銆€銆€Lower the leg 1, stand straight, back against the fitness ball against the cheekbone; 2, forward the bone arm, and select a contact point, straight forward; 3, tilt the right leg forward, raise it to a horizontal positionAlign with the ground; 4, the left leg is slightly curved, the heel and toe are off the ground.

If you can raise your toes and make your insteps form a right angle with your calves, your thighs and buttocks will get better exercise!

Slowly descend and become sitting.

Supported by a fitness ball, slowly lift the left leg up and down; 5, slowly return to posture.

銆€銆€6, do 10 left and right legs, practice 3 times.

銆€銆€The lower jaw lifts the leg movements, strengthens the muscles on the thighs and buttocks, and makes the thighs and buttocks smoother.

This action can quickly reduce the excess aunt of the thigh, making the hip curvature more obvious.

The MM of the pear shape should pay attention.

銆€銆€Complete the stovepipe 5 songs, do you think that the whole body muscles are sour?

It is recommended that you complete the body muscles properly after each action.

Perhaps you didn’t feel sore at the time, but the MM who started the intensive training got up the next day and realized it.

銆€銆€Therefore, after exercise, you need a space to relax.

Proper buffering will be more conducive to the next exercise, and the exercise will last longer.

Otherwise, the exercise may be in vain, and the thick legs may not become too much after the exercise, but may become thick.