The first summer melon is actually it!


Reduce blood fat, protect the heart

“The first summer melon” is actually it!
Reduce blood fat, protect the heart

Winter melon is a must-have vegetable in summer. It is often found on our table. It can prevent the symptoms of heatstroke and prevent many diseases of the elderly. It is called the 鈥渇irst summer melon鈥?

Winter melon skin – Lishui swelling The winter melon skin is rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals, and also contains a variety of metabolic components, with the effect of cooling off, spleen, dampness.

Winter melon skin is thicker and harder. It is recommended to cook the winter melon soup with skin.

Winter melon skin red bean soup in “Hunan Drugs”, with winter melon skin with ginger skin, decoction; if the body is swollen, with melon skin, red beans, brown sugar right amount, boiled, bean soup.

To make it easier to get rid of wet and spleen, take Suzi Xuan red bean powder, simmer and tonify the body.

Winter melon seeds – prevention of cardiovascular disease Winter melon seeds contain unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid, which can effectively reduce trace amounts of blood and plasma, and have a certain effect on cardiovascular diseases.

Chinese medicine believes that winter melon seeds moisturize the lungs and phlegm, clearing away heat and oozing, eliminating diuretic, heavy summer moisture, easy to be sleepy, afternoon cups Su Shi Xuan twenty-eight Valley scattered, quickly extinguish the moisture, beauty and weight loss.

When frying winter melon seeds for cooking melon, you can pour out the seeds, dry them and fry them.

You can also drink it with a belt seed.

Winter melon vine – Qingfei heat, Tong meridian “follow-up diet”: After the autumn Qigen truncated, inserted into the bottle, take juice, cure lung heat, bonfire, guilty card.

It can be seen that the melon vine can clear away heat and phlegm.

Winter melon vine juice melon vine 9-15 grams.

Fry into soup or take it into juice.

It has the function of clearing the lungs and removing phlegm, passing through the vitality, benefiting the joints, and blood gas.

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Winter melon meat – protect the heart, anti-heatstroke potassium is a very important type of nutrients in the human body. Potassium supplementation can excrete excess sodium in the body, protect the heart function, replenish moisture, and prevent heat stroke.

Melon is clear and hot, and it is very good in summer.

In the summer, the refrigerator has more preparations for the Suzi Xuan Lily lotus seed mung bean powder. The headache is chest tightness. When the appetite is weak, drink a cup, and the detoxification can improve sleep.

The content of melon is the highest, the content is as high as 96%; the content of potassium is also quite high, and the potassium content per 100g is 130mg, which is a typical high-potassium and low-sodium vegetable.

It should be noted that because the winter melon is cool, the chronic illness is not cured and the yin deficiency is hot, and the spleen and stomach are debilitated.

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Winter melon, white fungus, 250 grams of winter melon, 30 grams of white fungus.

Winter melon sliced, white fungus blisters; put oil and heat, pour melon into the stir-fry for a while, add soup, salt, burn until the melon will be cooked, add white fungus, MSG and mix thoroughly Serve.

Tremella contains an Arabian-like resin glue, which can moisturize the skin and has a good nourishing and moisturizing effect on the skin keratin. Regular consumption of white fungus can make the skin white, delicate, soft and elastic.

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Winter melon peanut bone soup will wash the melon, cut into small, do not need to peel; peanuts with a knife back to smash, all the materials after the bones fly water (winter melon, fan bone, peanuts.

Add salt to the pressure cooker and press it for half a minute. Sprinkle with mint leaves after the pot, make the taste more fragrant, drink the raw peanuts, don’t swallow it, take the peanut crumbs as toothpaste, and make the teethTurn white.

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